Our Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Yyeni community (The Yyenists)

Welcome to the Yyenists (cool name, right?), a community for schoolteachers, independent instructors, and learners across various regions in Namibia who actively use Yyeni. We are pleased to offer a dedicated space for you to teach and/or learn thus contributing to shaping the future of the Namibian education system and Africa at large.

Our mission is to create an online community with the goal of decentralizing knowledge, and we are committed to both, hosting a space where our actions align with our vision and purpose and protecting this mission at all costs.

Thus, we developed the following community guidelines to provide guidance on how to engage with other Yyenists in the community, what you should expect from other Yyenists and how to report any act/ post on Yyeni that violates these guidelines.

Desired Behaviors:

Due to our goal of trying to create an informative and fun space for Yyenists we’ve developed a framework that determines what content is both educational and fun. All Yyenists are welcome to share posts in the community, so long as they abide by our posting guidelines.

Here’s what we love to see:

By joining this site, you agree to treat all Yyenists in a civil manner.


To provide a great community experience for everyone, especially the young audience of school learners, we ask that you avoid these behaviors as they will result in a lifetime ban and complete deletion of your account.

Here’s what we do not want to see:

General Framework:

While we do not moderate all posts to the site, we reserve the right to remove any content at any time. In addition, you understand that the administrators of this site may suspend or ban you from the site at any time, for any reason, without notice.

We respect your privacy. We do not share or sell your personal data with any third parties for any reason. The Google ads you view on this site are a non-personalized service. We do not collect or save your IP address when you visit this site. (Visit the Privacy Policy to learn more)

We will not send you any unsolicited communications that do not directly relate to your participation in this community. You can control the communications/notifications you receive via your profile settings, under "notifications."

You have the right to deactivate, delete or download your own profile information. To view these options, click your username and see “edit profile.” In accordance with GDPR guidelines, deletion is irrevocable, so use caution before applying that option!

How to report abuse:

Write an email to our administrator at admin@yenni.com explaining


When a report has been made, the disciplinary action taken will depend on two things:

1. If it is in alignment with the non-negotiables

A lifetime ban and deletion of account will follow.

2.If it is not in alignment with the non-negotiables

We evaluate whether it prevents us from achieving our mission in our Yyeni community (internal process depending on the ruling of the administrator).

1. If it does not  No action shall be taken, however if the user who makes this claim continues to falsely report abuse (especially if the claim is continuously directed for the purpose of trying to ban a specific user) ¬then an investigation shall be conducted which WILL result in the deletion of the accuser’s account if a substantial amount of reports are deemed illegitimate.

2. If it does

 A strike shall be sent to the abuser if it this is the first or second time that any such report has been made against them. or;

 The abuser’s account will be banned if this is a repeated offense.

This does however depend on the severity of the violation of the community guidelines which will be determined by our user management team in alignment with the judgement of the administrator.

Community Administrator and Management Team

If you have any questions about these community guidelines, please contact our administrator at admin@yyeni.com . Visit our Privacy Policy, if you would like more detail or wish to contact our Privacy Officer for any reason